Manage and implement purchasing, inventory control, receipt of materials, and shipments. Perform research, gather quotations, prepare reports, and monitor forecast plans. Supervise daily purchasing and inventory tasks. Streamline processes and procedures to improve costs and time efficiency, with input and approval from the Chief Operating Officer.  

- Communicate clearly and timely with logistics personnel, production coordinator, 
  sales, project management, and accounting as well as the Chief Operating  
- Confirm with requestor any unclear issues prior to purchase. 
- Seek price quotes from vendors and determine the best price as it relates to  
- Lace orders and process purchase orders for stock materials. 
- Assist Project Manager with job specific purchases. 
- Resolve any issues that may arise regarding quality and count with vendors  
  and requisitioner. 
- Ensure that all appropriate processes and procedures are followed by the  
  department personnel. 
- Accurately estimate and determine the cost, time, materials, labor, and  
  equipment required for construction projects. 
- Perform cost analyses, determine the duration of a project, procure vendors  
  and subcontractors, and ensure that resources are managed, and deadlines  
  are met. 
Inventory Control 
- Manage the inventory control process including routine verification that all  
  aspects of the tasks are being completed correctly and timely. 
- Receipt of Goods 
- Manage the receipt of goods process including routine verification that all  
  aspects of the tasks are being completed correctly and timely. 
- Schedule to rent or utilize company vehicles as required transportation.
- Manage the packing and loading of finished goods. 
Delivery and Pick-up
- Schedule deliveries and pick-ups. 
- Ensure that all safety policies and procedures are implemented and followed. 
- Maintain first aid supplies. 
- Responsible for completing injury reports. 

- Strong verbal and written communication skills. 
- Average to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and the ability to learn new  
  programs that are utilized in business. 
- Proficient writing skills. 
- Strong math skills. 
- Ability to multi-task while maintaining a professional attitude. 
- Strong problem-solving skills. 
- Must have 5 years estimating, purchasing and/or job planning experience. We are a  
  specialty construction company and prefer that job candidates have a background in
  museum exhibit, tradeshow, or public art design and construction. 

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